Parras Vinhos was founded in 2010 by Luís Vieira and is currently headquartered in Alcobaça, where the group's bottling unit - Goanvi Bottling - is also located. Five years later, with the company consolidated and focused on the international market, the need arises to reposition the brand and “dress it up” in another, more current way. And so, Parras Wines appears in the beginning of 2016, with a younger, more flexible look, and in a universal language so that it can be easily understood by everyone, even those who are across borders.
    Descended from a father and grandfather who have always worked with wine, Luís Vieira is the sole owner of this project. At the age of five he fell into a wine vat and almost drowned, had it not been for a collaborator of his grandfather, who is currently his collaborator, to save him. Today, he jokes when he recalls this episode and even says that it symbolizes his “baptism in the wanderings of wine”.

    Luís Vieira started building up what is now the Parras Wines group in 1998 with the founding of the group's bulk wine company.
    One year later, the company began operating at the facilities of Quinta do Gradil, which had just been acquired by him.

    It is in 1999 that the company started to work with its own land in the Wine Region of Lisbon, more precisely in the parish of Vilar, Cadaval, in two hundred hectares property, 120 hectares of which are now planted with vines.
    In addition to the vineyard, the space also includes the Palácio dos Marqueses de Pombal [Palace of the Marquises of Pombal], the Chapel of Santa Rita, a wine store, a Distillery, where tastings of the wine and of products from the region take place, and the cellar, where all the wines of Quinta do Gradil are prepared.
    Discover the wines of Quinta do Gradil here.

    In the same region of the country, a little further up, in the Óbidos area, Parras Wines is also responsible for the viticulture and oenology of 20 hectares of vineyards that produce Casa das Gaeiras wines.
    The main objective of the team has been to maintain the typical characteristics and quality of the ancient wines, with all that the unique terroir of Casa das Gaeiras has to offer.

    With head office in Alcobaça, in the former facilities of a faience factory, a new business area was initiated – a Beverage Bottling Unit, which today also serves as headquarters for Parras Wines. Thousands of liters of wine are bottled daily at Goanvi Bottling.
    With two modern bottling lines, Goanvi Bottling has the flexibility and capacity to handle any volume of bottling services. It can work both for a small number of private labels and for large-scale bottling services.

    In addition to the hectares of vineyards in the Lisbon and Alentejo Region, the group started to produce in parallel wines from other regions of the country, through partnerships with local producers. The company is thus able to respond to the global needs that are emerging in the market, producing wines from the Douro, Vinhos Verdes, Dão, Lisbon, Tejo and Alentejo regions.
    A team of winemakers and winegrowers from PARRAS closely monitors the work of these local producers throughout the year, during the entire cycle of the vine, from the rest period until the harvest season. It is in this way that the company guarantees the production of superior quality nectars.

    To assist the process of transporting wine between the group's companies, Transportes Pérola da Lagoa was created and it guarantees an integrated transport service for all wines that the group sells, both in Portugal and abroad.
    All tanker trucks are properly equipped and prepared to ensure good transport of up to 32,000 liters of wine, in Portugal and abroad.

    In addition to having a terroir in the Lisbon Region, the company has bought at the end of 2014 two properties in Alentejo: Herdade da Candeeira, with 70 hectares of vineyards, and Herdade da Vigia, with 140 hectares of vineyards.

    In 2020, the Parras Wines group is distinguished as Company of the Year by Revista de Vinhos. Quinta do Gradil, owned by the Parras Group, is also distinguished by the sector's press as Producer of the Year 2020, by Grandes Escolhas magazine.